Exclusive Manufacture & Distribution
of ECOFRIENDLY Disposables

Manufacture | Customization | Design | Logistics

Inhouse Customization and Branding
be DIFFERENT be recognized

Manufacture | Customization | Design | Logistics

Single Use Plastics are Choking our Earth
Use COMPOSTABLE alternatives

Manufacture | Customization | Design | Logistics

Why Earthmates

As Mates of Earth, we are Passionately dedicated towards a sustainable and ecofriendly future for planet Earth….
Join us in our mission and let us together stimulate a positive change in our Ecosystems…….

Certified Quality at the Right Price

To ensure business viability of our customers, we provide Economically viable alternatives of best quality at competitive rates

Certified products and Sustainable Sourcing

We believe in sustainable and responsible sourcing of our raw materials, and thus we supply only FSC certified products and goods.

Local manufacturing and Hygienic storage conditions

Locally manufactured disposable Kraft paper bowls, tubs, bags and cups are supplied to most of the largest consumers in UAE, Africa and Europe.

Serving both small and large orders with equal importance

Each customer is important to us and delivering their needs is our passion. We dedicate our full effort towards each customers’ satisfaction and happiness

Bespoke Solution for Ecofriendly disposables

We passionately dedicate our full efforts towards customer satisfaction and happiness be it a single restaurant or a big corporate

Experienced Staff for production, design and customization

We have extensive and exclusive experience in designing and delivering Paper based products, and we guarantee exceeding your expectations

Our Range of Products

SUPPLYING to all major customers in UAE and Globally across African and European markets, our products adhere to supply standards and shipping guidelines of EU markets.

Expertise you can trust

We have a combined experience of more than 15 years in Paper product manufacturing and more than 10 years’ experience in commercial printing processes like Flexo, Pad, Rotogravure and likewise

Our values

Committed to promote sustainable alternative to plastic packaging goods


Provide the best value for money to the customer


Sourcing, production and delivery to be efficient and ecofriendly


Surpass customer expectation wrt quality and delivery

Its our PASSION not only Work!!!

Branded products increase the value of your Company, it increases visibility and creates LOYAL customers…….
We are a one stop solution to your Ecofriendly disposables Supply, Customization and Printing needs

Branded Salad bowls for Restaurants

Branded Kraft Bags for Takeaways

Non-Woven bags for Supermarkets

Branded coffee cups for cafes

Corn Starch Bags for Restaurants

PLA straws for Lounges

Branded Lunch Boxes for Takeaways

Bagasse Oval Plates

Branded Tablewares for Food courts